PRESSA PER ESTRATTI - 300x160x130mm

PRESSA PER ESTRATTI - 300x160x130mm

275,00 €

Simply pack flowers, buds or herbs into a filter bag or baking paper, heat up the press to the desired temperature, place press material between the press plates, close the press, set the timer to the desired duration, and off you go! With a pressure strength of 350kg, the press presses reliably - and completely without explosion danger! - the precious rosin from the vegetable material.

The correct choice of temperature and duration of the pressing process depends on the type, quality and state of the raw material and often requires testing with small quantities. As a guideline for pressing flowers, we recommend a temperature between 105° C and 110° C and a pressing time of approx. 35 seconds. We also recommend placing the rosin directly in the freezer after pressing. This prevents the terpenes from degrading and the taste from vanishing.


Max. Temperature 250° C, Time Range 0-999Sec.